Welcome to New York's Unique Opera Experience!
taci singers
For the last 13 years, audiences from around the world have been thrilled by our World-Famous TACI OPERA NIGHTS. We invite you to experience what Time Out NY calls "an evening out for a song."
Join us in the luxurious upstairs lounge of midtown's Papillon Bistro, as we continue our mission of bringing you great music in our friendly, relaxed atmosphere!
taci singers
Enjoy your favorite opera arias and ensembles, plus songs from the Classical and Broadway repertoire.
From budding professionals to established performers with international careers, Taci is proud to present these young artists in our informal, relaxed showcase.
Taci Opera Nights Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Q. How do you pronounce "Taci" and what does it mean?
A. "Taci" is pronounced "TAH-chee" and means, literally in Italian, to "be quiet."
Q. Does that mean we can't talk while people are singing?
A. Not necessarily. We want people to have a good time. If it's an especially quiet part of an aria, someone might shush you if you're making too much noise. On the other hand, sometimes we'll ask you to clap or sing along (things can get pretty rowdy later on at night!)
Q. How about when the song is over?
A. Make all the noise you want. Most people clap and yell "Bravo!" — or its gender equivalent in Italian.
Q. Its what?
A. Well, if you want to be really Italian about it, use "Bravo" for a single man, "Brava" for a single woman, "Brave" (BRAH-vay) for a group of women, and "Bravi" for a group of men, or a mixed group of men and women. Now you've had your first Italian lesson ;-)
Q. Where do you get your singers?
A. Most of them are professional opera singers based in New York. Some have (or have had) important careers with opera companies around the world, and have made recordings with major orchestras, etc.
Q. Do you have an open mic?
A. Sure. Usually, after the first set ends (around 10:30), we're more than happy to let other people get up on stage. It's a great way to discover new talent (and/or just have fun!)
Q. Is there a cover charge?
A. No, but we do pass around a tip basket for the singers and for our pianist, Iya, who works all night without a break (check out her video on the right side of this page). Most people put in $10-$20 per person — which is a bargain, considering that you're getting world-class opera singing up close and personal (have you seen the price of opera or broadway tickets these days?)
Q. It's my friend's birthday. Can you do something special?
A. Birthdays, anniversaries — you name it, we'll make it special. Be sure to tell (or remind) your waiter, however, and our singers will offer a serenade for your special event like you've never heard before!